ity Social Responsibility

GCL Intelligence Energy always stand by its objective of sustainable operation and development. In addition to fulfilling its economic, employee and environmental responsibilities, the company has also constructed the “three-in-one” ity social responsibility model to give consideration to environmental protection, education and disaster relief. Over the years, the company has taken part in over 100 ity and social responsibility projects, and launched the “20 Sunshine Elementary Schools Program” on a nationwide level.

We Care for Our Employees

To create a happy environment for employees and help them feel at home, GCL Intelligence Energy has established a unique “All-around Employee Care System” ,building comfortable and relaxing work environments, organizing cultural and sports activities, and providing financial assistance to employees in need.

Safety Management

As a responsible enterprise that endeavors to achieve sustainable development, GCL Intelligence Energy shall earnestly utes and implements national laws and regulations as well as standards and statutes on work safety and occupational health, takes priority in the safety and physical health of its employees, actively promotes implementation of the international standard OHSAS18000 Occupational Health Safety Management System, and continues to refine its systems and workflows.

Green Promise

GCL Intelligence Energy excels in employing and integrating various social resources, applying its knowledge in a low-carbon policy for production and operation activities, emphasizing conserving energy and reducing emissions, promoting the development of low-carbon economy.