Talent Philosophy

Talents are the primary elements for the development of GCL, and they are the most valuable asset for the company. Talents are not only the main contributor for creating and achieving corporate values but also serve as the main driving force in its drive to lead in the market. GCL views talents as our most important strategic resource and the cultivation of them as the primary industry. GCL believes that providing education and training to employees is the wisest investment and the objective of achieving human capital appreciation should always take priority over that of financial capital.

Talent Development

Talents are the most valuable asset for GCL Intelligent Energy and are the driving force behind our ever-growing business. GCL adheres to the people-oriented principle and owes deep appreciation for those who have devoted and committed to the clean energy and new energy cause. Therefore, we are making our utmost effort to maximise the employee and enterprise value.

Cultivating Talent

As the platform providing training to talents of GCL Intelligent Energy, Golden Concord University takes its role in implementing corporate strategy, disseminating cultures, improving employee capability and enhancing organizational performance.


We are now exploring smart energy, and are seeking the individuals who have their own ideas in this particular field. You are precisely the talent we need if you view “resource conservation and environmental development” as your own responsibility, and also aspires for a better, more harmonious society, then come and us. Only with our t effort can the China Dream of bluer skies, clearer waters and better living come true.